Clean Eating Versus IIFYM


If you’ve spent any time purusing popular fitness websites, magazines, or social media sites, you may have witnessed the sparring match between two distinct fitness and nutrition “camps.” Fans of each nutrition philosophy are extremely dedicated (and vocal), frequently sparking heated debates ( or all out wars). So, what’s all the fuss about? Many clients…

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A Day in the Life of a Flexible Dieter

burger pic

I get a lot of questions here on the blog and on Facebook about flexible dieting and how it’s different from traditional “clean eating”. Also I feel there are a LOT of misconceptions about IIFYM ( “If It Fits Your Macros”), namely that all we eat is junk food (pop tarts, bacon cheesburgers, etc) So…

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Me Vs. Spartan, Round 2

Spartan Blog Pic

Today I officially began training for my first “Summer Fitness Adventure” of 2015: The Spartan Sprint to be held in Breckenridge, Colorado on June 13th, 2015 What’s a “Summer Fitness Adventure” you may ask? Well, I define it as something that’s out of your everyday comfort zone, a skill that you’d like to acquire or…

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Weekly Meal Prep 101: Five Tips for a Fit and Healthy Week

Weekly meal prep

“Abs are made in the Kitchen” Maybe you’ve seen that phrase thrown around social media and wondered “what the heck does THAT mean?’ Maybe you’ve wondered if it’s actually true. The short answer is…..yes. Well, mostly. Proper nutrition accounts for 80% (or more) of your results. You can train your butt off in the gym,…

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My Fitness Journey and the Road to Flexible Dieting


It seems that some people are born with natural athletic ability. I, however, am not one of those people. Everything I’ve achieved has been earned through dedication, persistence, and sometimes sheer stubbornness. I’ve succeeded, I’ve failed, and  I’ve learned the hard way on many occasions Starting Out I never excelled at school sports. If there…

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How to Stop Dieting

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What thoughts or images come to mind when you think of the concept of “dieting?” Maybe you think of massive suffering, restriction, and deprivation. Maybe you remember the times you’ve tried to follow this- or- that diet, and failed. Maybe you remember how you gained back more weight after the diet than you originally set…

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