Seven Weight Loss Road Blocks

Traffic Jam

“I’ve tried EVERYTHING, and I still can’t seem to lose any weight!”  My exasperated client was sitting in my office, on the verge of tears. We’d been working together once per week for about a month, and she was very frustrated. She’d been struggling with her weight for a few years and just felt like…

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10 Ugly Truths About Personal Trainers


What’s your idea of a “typical” personal trainer? Do you conjure images of a sculpted, statuesque Greek god or goddess with chiseled abs? Or an empty-headed muscle jock scoping out the girls in the gym while their client struggles to complete a set of bench press? Or a drill sergeant screaming in your face a…

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Common Fat Loss Myths…Busted!

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Some fat loss myths just won’t die. I’ve been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years as an athlete, trainer and coach, and for some reason, certain myths persist. On Friday, April 17th I had the opportunity to visit the set of Colorado’s Best show here in Denver to help de-bunk my top…

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My Fitness Journey and the Road to Flexible Dieting


It seems that some people are born with natural athletic ability. I, however, am not one of those people. Everything I’ve achieved has been earned through dedication, persistence, and sometimes sheer stubbornness. I’ve succeeded, I’ve failed, and  I’ve learned the hard way on many occasions Starting Out I never excelled at school sports. If there…

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